Wellness Exams

Annual Wellness Exams are the foundation of good health for every animal. From dog to cat and bird to bunny, yearly exams help us detect health issues before they become serious problems.

Weight clinic

Obesity is a growing problem in our pets, and is associated with diseases such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. We offer a free weight clinic which is run by our Veterinary Nurse.

Vet Shop

We have an on-site vet shop catering for the leading vet preferred brands of dog foods, including numerous foods for animals with special dietary requirements. Additionally, we have a selection of pet beds, bowls, leads, toys and name badges plus various treats that will help you pamper your family friend.


We maintain a wide range of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, plus flea and tick control products to cater for the needs of your pet.

Spay and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your pet can have significant benefits including the prevention of unwanted offspring plus lowering the risk of certain types of cancer.


Routine vaccinations are another vital way in which we strive to keep your pets healthy. Vaccinations protect against potentially deadly diseases like Parvovirus, Distemper and Rabies. We also offer vaccinations against Feline Leukemia virus, as well as Kennel Cough which most kennels and boarding facilities will insist upon.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to advise you on the most appropriate program for your animal.

Dental Care

Routine dental care can extend the lives of many of our furry companions. In particular, dogs and cats may benefit from dental cleansing as they age. A regular dental regime should be exercised at home including brushing teeth with special toothpaste from an early age (human tooth paste can be harmful). Prescriptive food can help dental care as it gently scrubs the teeth as pets chew. Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions and minor oral surgeries.


Our practice is equipped with a comprehensive laboratory for in-house blood chemistry and cytology analysis. This service speeds up diagnosis of many conditions. We also perform complete urine analysis and microscopy.


Our state of the art digital X-ray machine offers the highest
quality images, and aids the speed of diagnosis
of many conditions. There are many benefits
for your pet using digital equipment with
radiation being reduced as fewer images needed;
swift development means less time for your pet
on the x-ray table; images can swiftly be sent to
specialists for a second opinion; x-rays can be
enhanced and contrasted to improve diagnostics
and doctors have immediate access
to the new and old x-rays on file.
Ultrasound is used when soft tissue structures
such as abdominal organs want to be studied.


We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures within our
purpose-built theatre. Where necessary, our wide range of experience
and contacts allows us to offer unbiased advice on the most appropriate
specialist to refer your family friend to.

Geriatric Care

Pet’s lives can be significantly enhanced through the use of a carefully
chosen geriatric care program. We have direct access to our own blood
analysis machine, one of a number of essential tools we utilise in
testing and responding to common geriatric conditions such as
kidney and liver disorders. Furthermore, regular heart checkups,
plus regular arthritis and weight management allow The Vets’
to propose appropriate medication and dietary programs
to improve your loved one’s quality of life.